What is Serve?

Introducing Serve!

Serve is the cheerful, trusty sidewalk delivery vehicle that delivers right to your place. Serve moves safely at walking speed and respects sidewalks. Using Lidar and the most advanced sensors of any automated delivery rover, Serve creates a virtual picture of the world in real time and travels the sidewalks alongside pedestrians straight from your local store to you. Check out our blog post about Serve to learn more.


Safe and Secure

Serve is locked once the store has placed the order inside. When Serve arrives in front of your home, meet Serve outside and unlock it with your order number. You can interact with Serve using the touchscreen. To communicate, Serve has dynamic lighting in the eyes and a light ring on top to signal movement like a change in direction.


Greener Cities

Serve is ideal for transporting orders throughout local neighborhoods. Serve has a 50 pound capacity and is all-electric, which means your meal stays warm while reducing your carbon footprint or cool and our air stays fresh. One goal of Serve is to move delivery transit away from vehicles on congested streets and onto the sidewalk. In addition to a greener environment, there is no need to navigate one-way streets, look for parking or sit in traffic. Short distances means fast delivery.