What are merchant fees?

Merchant fees are used to improve the customer experience for you, our merchants, and our Postmates. We are dedicated to being transparent about where your fees go.


What does the disclaimer at the bottom of my receipt mean? 

Local law requires the following notice be provided to customers in Chicago, Illinois and Los Angeles, California:

  • If you’re receiving a delivery in Chicago, Illinois: Postmates may charge local merchants a commission ranging from 0% to 33% of the order total.  
  • If you’re receiving a delivery in Los Angeles, California: Consistent with local law, Postmates may charge local merchants a commission ranging from 0% to 20% of the order total.


I noticed a disclaimer on my receipt about how much the platform charges the restaurant to deliver my food. Where does that money go? 



How have you helped couriers or local restaurants during COVID-19? 

Through the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve worked to support merchants and equip workers with financial resources. Some examples of this work include: 

  • Accelerated instant payouts to small and independent businesses 
  • Invested millions in co-marketing and education campaigns to boost awareness of local, independent restaurants and onboarded thousands of new businesses to support their delivery needs at this time
  • Advanced merchant education about the power of on-demand delivery in distressed neighborhoods
  • Promoted minority owned businesses in our app to drive revenue and awareness to communities heavily impacted by the crisis
  • Partnered with community non-profits, shelters, and kitchens to connect meals and supplies to healthcare workers, homebound seniors, and houseless populations
  • Distributed PPE to frontline workers
  • Connected workers to telemedicine, mental health, and career training programs
  • Established the industry’s first Fleet Relief Fund to fund income replacement and family care relief programs 
  • Learn more about Postmates’ COVID-19 response here 
  • Learn more about resources for our Fleet here 



Launched in 2011, Postmates has pioneered both the technology and logistics powering on-demand delivery in the United States. Our revolutionary online marketplace and mobile platform connect customers with local merchants, and when requested, with local couriers who use Postmates to deliver anything from any store or restaurant in minutes. In an era where e-commerce goliaths are crowding out local businesses with regional warehouses, Postmates is doing the opposite: empowering local brick & mortar merchant partners, through offering greater access to their products. Postmates currently operates in more than 4,200 cities across the United States, providing access to more than 600,000 merchants.

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