What is Postmates Cash?

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What is Postmates Cash?

Postmates Cash can be used as a payment option when you order — just like using cash or a gift card. Postmates Cash consists of:

  • Purchased Postmates Cash + promotional Cash
  • General credits awarded by Postmates Customer Support
  • Redeemed gift card balance

Postmates Cash is set up so that it will apply amounts that expire first to your order first. See our Terms for more information about Postmates Cash.

How to purchase Postmates Cash

  1. Tap your profile icon 
  2. Select Payment
  3. Select Add Cash
  4. Choose the amount of Cash you’d like to purchase 
  5. Choose if you want to auto reload once the balance falls below $10
  6. Select Pay


To view a detailed breakdown of your Postmates Cash:

  1. Tap your profile icon 
  2. Select Payment
  3. Select Details

How to use Postmates Cash on an order

To use Postmates Cash on an order, simply choose Postmates Cash as the payment method at checkout. It covers the cost of the goods purchased and any tip given.


If there’s a remaining balance, the default payment method on file will be charged.


Note: Even if you use Postmates Cash to pay for an order, we'll place a temporary authorization on your default payment method. For more information on this, see Why are there pending charges on my account?

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