I have an issue with my Banana Republic order

Where is my Banana Republic Postmates order?  

The order's status is available on the tracking screen in your Postmates app. The tracking will show whether your order is being prepared or if it's on its way. The app will also show an estimated delivery time. This time may change to accommodate prep time at the store location or traffic. 

Once your Postmate has picked up the order, you can track their location in the app. If you need to contact your Postmate, tap the Help button next to their name. Please note that your Postmate may be unable to respond right away if they are driving. 

When your Postmate arrives, the app will send a push notification and SMS text message to the phone number listed in your app. If the Postmate doesn’t hear from you right away, they will wait only 5 minutes while continuing to try and contact you. After 5 minutes, your Postmate will move on to make their next delivery and you will be unable to contact them. Remember to keep your phone charged and handy! 

For a seamless delivery experience, be sure to check:

  • Postmate app is installed on your mobile device
  • Your address (including suite/apartment number) and phone number are up to date in your app
  • Your phone is set up to receive SMS messages and push notifications from the Postmates app
  • You’ve shared any special instructions (like “Please leave the package at front desk!”) with your Postmate 


Can I contact my Postmates driver? 

Yes! If you need to contact your Postmate, tap the Help button next to their name. Please note that your Postmate may be unable to respond right away if they are driving. 


Can I add more items or update my cart from the Postmates app? 

Not at this time. 

If you’d like additional items delivered, visit OldNavy.com and choose Buy-Online-Pick-Up-In-Store at checkout. You’ll receive a "Ready for Pickup" email with an option to update your shipping to Postmates delivery! 


The delivery address is showing that it’s too far from the selected Banana Republic store location. What should I do? 

If you received a notification message that says “the delivery address selected is too far away for this merchant. Please select a closer delivery address or try a different merchant location,” Postmates would not be able to fulfill your order. If this happens, your order will be ready for pickup by the designated pickup person in the store selected at checkout. You have 5 days to pick up your order from Banana Republic.


Can I cancel my Postmates delivery?

Yes.  Delivery can be canceled through the Help menu in the Postmates mobile or web app. You cannot cancel your order once the Postmate has already picked up your items from Banana Republic.


What happens if I miss the delivery drop off? 

Once the order is picked up, the Postmate will navigate to the delivery address provided at checkout. At this point, you can call or text your Postmate directly through the app. 

As your Postmate arrives at the delivery address, you’ll receive a text message and in-app notification. 

Upon arrival, the Postmate will do the following:

  • If you’ve entered any special delivery instructions, your Postmate will check these and follow them accordingly.
  • If your Postmate is unable to locate you or is having difficulty entering your building, they will send you a text message or give you a call. The text or call will be sent to the phone number provided at checkout.
  • Your Postmate will wait at the delivery address and attempt to get ahold of you for a period of 5 minutes. If after 5 minutes they’re unable to get in touch, they will leave your package at the door and move on to their next delivery. You will be charged the full amount for your order, including the delivery fee. 


What if I provided the wrong delivery address? 

Your Postmate navigates to the delivery address provided at checkout. Always double-check the delivery address and phone number at checkout before confirming your order. Keep in mind that once the delivery is placed and in progress, the delivery address can not be updated. 


What if I didn't hear from my Postmate about the delivery status?

  • Enable push notifications on your mobile device:
    • iOS: System Preferences » Notifications » Postmates
    • Android: Settings » Sound and Notification » App Notifications » Postmates
  • Click here to update your information:
    • Confirm your mobile phone number and email are updated
    • Add or remove your delivery address(es)


How do I report missing item(s) in my order? 

Please reach out to Banana Republic Support regarding missing items in your order at 888-277-8953. 


How do I contact Postmates Support?

Please contact Postmates Support here.


I’m seeing a high amount for pre-auth when I use Apple Pay. Why am I being charged so much? 

Paying with Apple Pay may result in a higher pre-auth amount. However, the delivery fee that will be charged to your Apple Pay account will be the standard rate.


Can I return my order? 

Once your order is delivered, you will need to personally take the order back to the store for return. Postmates cannot return on your behalf.

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