What is Postmates Pickup?

Postmates Pickup allows you to skip the line when ordering from your favorite merchants.  

How can I choose between pickup and drop off orders?

Choosing between pickup and drop off couldn't be easier! At the top of the app, you will see 2 tabs: Pickup and Delivery. Please ensure you are choosing the preferred method of delivery before placing the order by tapping on the heading and then selecting your pick up address.

If you have issues with your pickup order, please contact the merchant directly.

Can I cancel my pickup order?

We know that sometimes things change and you need to cancel your order. Below is our cancellation policy to help you decide how you would like to proceed:

The order hasn't been placed yet: No problem! You can cancel the order directly through the app at no charge to you.

The order has been placed and is being prepared: Since we will have to pay the merchant, you’ll pay for the items and a cancellation fee to cover the cost. 

Can I change my pickup order to delivery?

At this time, we are unable to change your pickup order to delivery. You will need to cancel the order, change your setting to delivery, and resubmit. Please note that if your order has already been accepted you may be subjected to a cancellation charge.

Where do I go to pick up my order?

Picking up your order couldn't be easier! The appropriate pickup point is displayed on the order progress screen. Please follow the directions in the app to arrive at the pickup point to receive your items.

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