Introducing Serve!



Serve is Postmates’ cheerful, trusty sidewalk delivery robot that delivers right to your place. Serve safely and intelligently travels the sidewalks alongside pedestrians straight from your local store to you.



Unlock with your phone

When you meet Serve outside, you’ll need the order number on your phone to unlock it. Once Serve is loaded at the store, it securely brings your order to your delivery address. You’ll unlock Serve using its touchscreen.




Greener Cities

Why deliver a 2-lb burrito in a 2-ton car? Serve is ideal for transporting orders throughout local neighborhoods. Serve has a 50 pound capacity and is all-electric, reducing your carbon footprint while keeping your order and our air fresh.

One goal of Serve is to reduce the number of vehicles on congested streets. In addition to a greener environment, Serve doesn’t need to look for parking or sit in traffic, which means fast delivery. 

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