Why is my final total different than expected?

When you order from a merchant that is not one of our partners, the prices listed are estimates. If you see the subtotal displayed as “Estimated Subtotal” on the checkout screen, this means that the final price could change and your final total may be different than the estimated total. If you place your order from one of our partners, the price you see at checkout will be the price you pay.

Question about the temporary authorization charge?

When placing an order or adding a new payment method, Postmates may verify it by placing a temporary authorization hold on your account. Authorization holds show as "pending" but are never charged to your account.


If a new payment method is added, you will see a $1 temporary authorization hold to make sure the card is active.

If your delivery is cancelled, the temporary authorization hold will be reversed within a few business days. Temporary authorization holds apply to Apple Pay or Android Pay as well.

When your delivery is completed, the final charge amount will be posted within 24 hours and the total will include the name of the merchant or restaurant you ordered from. All temporary authorization holds are reversed within a few days depending on your bank policy. For details regarding specific items on your statement, please contact your bank directly.

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