Trust and Safety Overview

We created Postmates to make your life easier, happier and better. Our goal is that you always feel safe and comfortable when engaging with our product. Nothing is more important to us.   


Our Policies and Community Standards

We maintain and enforce policies designed to promote the safety and comfort of our users, including a No Weapons Policy, a Zero-Tolerance Policy for drugs and alcohol, an Anti-Discrimination Policy, a LGBTQIA+ Policy, and a User Generated Content Policy. We also maintain Community Standards to guide our safety mission and clearly identify conduct that has no place on our platform.


Data Privacy and Security

The privacy and security of your data is important to us, and we believe in making it easy to understand how and why we use your personal information. Our Privacy Policy sets forth the details and the most up-to-date information about the data we collect and how we use it.

We use masking technology when sharing mobile numbers between our customers and Postmates, so that real phone numbers are not exposed. Once a delivery is complete, the Postmate no longer has customer contact information and the delivery address is no longer available to them.

If you have a privacy or security-related question or concern, please contact us here.


Background Checks

Every Postmate is screened before they’re permitted to deliver on our platform, through third-party criminal and DMV background checks, in addition to our internal review procedures. Postmates denies access to our platform for violent crimes, felonies, sexual offenses, and drug-related convictions that appear on a background check, among other things.


Postmate Identification

For every delivery, customers and merchants receive details about the Postmate prior to delivery, including photo identification, so you know who to expect every time.



For accidents involving other people, Postmates maintains a $1M third party excess insurance policy that covers Postmates from acceptance of a delivery opportunity until completion. While this policy is supplemental to a Postmate’s personal insurance coverage, it demonstrates our commitment to maintaining a safe and reliable online marketplace and mobile platform.

In addition, Postmates are covered by occupational accident insurance. This policy provides benefits, including for medical expenses, disability, loss of life, and survivor payments for covered injuries directly caused by an accident that occurs while a Postmate is on an active delivery.  


Law Enforcement

We work directly with law enforcement to share information that helps local authorities investigate incidents while protecting the privacy of our community.


We’re here if you need us

Our Trust & Safety team is here to look out for our community members. We work around the clock to provide you with support. If you have any concerns, contact us

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